Tips for Landscape Maintenance in Montgomery County: Deer Proofing Your Garden

One of the most beautiful animals you can come across in the wild is a deer. While deer eat only certain types of plants, deer will taste-test almost anything since they are browsers. In fact, homeowners often find these four-inch starters nibbled down to nubs, with the chewed up and rejected remains close by. Investing in larger starter plants is just one way to prevent deer from tearing up the entire plant. When it comes to landscape maintenance in Montgomery County, the following tips from Stenger Landscaping can help deter hungry deer and other threats. … Continue reading

Bee-Friendly Landscape Maintenance in the Main Line

As a homeowner in the Greater Philadelphia area, maintaining a bee-friendly garden can go a long way in helping your local bee population, while giving you an aesthetically pleasing garden at the same time. The professionals at Stenger Landscaping are passionate about preserving the bee population and local ecosystem. Here are just a few tips for bee-friendly landscape maintenance Main Line homeowners can do to support the local bee populations. … Continue reading

Five Reasons to Hire an Expert Tree Transplanting Service

gardenTrying to transplant an adolescent or full-grown tree is a weighty task! Once a tree grows too large to be handled easily by one person, tree transplantation becomes a major effort. Transplanting is not something that individuals should attempt to do on their own. Besides the inherent physical risks when handling something that could weigh hundreds of pounds, much can go wrong. … Continue reading