Bark Patterns for Winter Interest

We often think of winter landscapes as being evergreen or having berries, while we overlook the textural patterns of bark. Flowers and deciduous foliage are fleeting, but bark and structure remain a constant in the landscape. It’s easy to become fixated on the interesting bark patterns of trees as our eyes scan the winter landscape, looking for signs of life. Southeastern PA has grand old Sycamore trees and winter is the time of year they really show off against the stark landscape. They provide bold contrast in a landscape that’s largely devoid of color.

When choosing plant palettes for our landscape designs, we strive to provide four seasons of interest. Bark patterns are just one thread in creating a rich winter landscape tapestry. Some of our favorite trees with handsome bark patterns are River Birch, Paperbark Maple, Lacebark Maple, Silver Birch, Shagbark Hickory, Eastern Red Cedar, Lacebark Elm, Hornbeam & Snake Bark Maple. If you are looking to weave a rich tapestry, combine rough textured exfoliating bark with smooth bark. Allow light colored bark to play off of darker tones. Combine textures that have opposing qualities so they highlight each other. If you need help choosing the right plant combinations that will thrive on your property, then look no further. Our Landscape Designers use texture, color, scale and form to turn your window view into a painting. Call today for a landscape design consultation and make your winter landscape come alive!