Bee-Friendly Landscape Maintenance in the Main Line

As a homeowner in the Greater Philadelphia area, maintaining a bee-friendly garden can go a long way in helping your local bee population, while giving you an aesthetically pleasing garden at the same time. The professionals at Stenger Landscaping are passionate about preserving the bee population and local ecosystem. Here are just a few tips for bee-friendly landscape maintenance Main Line homeowners can do to support the local bee populations.

Time Your Blooms and Plant Mindfully

Ideally, gardens will provide a selection of pollen and nectar rich flowers during the crucial times for bees, which falls from early spring to late summer. The flowers and timing are important to ensure enough food for when the queens are establishing and growing nests and readying for hibernation. 

We recommend to make sure there are at least two different types of bee-friendly plants blooming throughout each period. Doing so will ensure a steady supply of food for the bees and encourage additional blooms through pollination. Local nurseries, gardening clubs, and online catalogs are all great places to find bee-friendly and beautiful plants.

Reduce Bee Threatening Practices

Pesticides and some plants can directly reduce the bee population, which can have far reaching consequences. To avoid unintentionally killing off the bees in your area, try to avoid the following:

  • Long tunnel like flowers – bees have a hard time getting to the pollen and nectar in flowers that form long thin tunnels. 
  • Invasive species – some plants easily expand outside the flower beds, which can encroach on local flora, further reducing the food supply for the important pollinators.
  • Flowers with little to no pollen – selective breeding can reduce or remove pollen production, which allows for visually pleasing plants with little to no value for the bee population.
  • Pesticides – Nearly every bug killing pesticide can directly harm bees. Instead, opt for natural pest control methods such as planting pest reducing plants.

For more information on how to make your landscape maintenance in the Main Line area safer for local bees, or to request a consultation on your landscaping project, please contact the experts at Stenger Landscaping today. With over 30 years of experience creating beautiful bee-friendly gardens in the Greater Philadelphia area, Stenger Landscaping have the skills and knowledge to ensure your landscape is safe for bees.