Drifts and Drafts: Landscape Wind Breaks

winter-landscapeWinter has finally settled in and even a brief time outside during frigid temperatures can be exacerbated by the wind. This is the time of year we really notice wind, whether we feel it on our faces or see it as snow drift patterns. Landscape wind breaks are a great way to mitigate the effects of winter winds by deflecting wind up and over the windward side of evergreen trees. They are a great way to reduce snow drifts and drafts in your home. They can also help make your yard more comfortable for pets & children who play outside in winter.

Farmers have used windrows for centuries, because they work. Their efficacy is dependent on the placement and the species planted. We design customized landscape wind breaks. Our professional designers are experts with Landscape Architecture degrees. Designing sustainable landscapes are their specialty. If you’re tired of wasting energy on a drafty home or dread walking through that wind tunnel on your property, call us today. We’d love to create a customized landscape windbreak designed specifically for you.