Fall Plant Care

September thru December

  • Fall is a good time for work in the garden, i.e.: cutting back spent perennials, adding fall annuals to carry the garden through to the following spring, planning a great display for the following spring by installing bulbs, and general fall clean-up. This is also a good time for new plantings because of the lower temperatures, higher rainfall amounts, and lower water requirements.
  • Most pruning requirements should have been met at this time but some selective pruning, and dormant pruning can be done at this time. Dormant pruning is generally done on ornamental trees and shrubs that do not flower during the growing season. Since a lot of flowering shrubs have already set their flower buds for next year, heavy pruning of these plants would remove the buds and is not advisable. As always, it is highly recommended that pruning and shaping of trees and shrubs to be done by a landscape professional to ensure proper horticultural practices are observed, and the aesthetic quality and health of the plant are maintained.
  • Water requirements at this time are usually minimal, necessary only for new plant installs, seeding, and sodding. As in the spring, rainfall usually takes care of the water requirements or most plants, additionally the plants are going into their dormant state at this time therefore the requirements are lower than during the growing season.
  • Fall clean up schedule starts in November. Quotes are available upon request.

As always, if there are any additional questions or concerns, or to schedule work please contact us at 610-831-1900, or at [email protected].