Five Great Ideas for Building Pergolas in Montgomery County

Are you thinking about adding a pergola to your Montgomery County property? Pergolas have many different styles and alterations that can be achieved! At Stenger Landscaping, we can implement a customized pergola and incorporate a variety of landscaping ideas. Here are some of pergola ideas to consider:

Montgomery County Pergola Ideas You Might Consider

1. Roll-Up Blinds

For a truly adaptable pergola, install roll-up blinds made of natural materials, such as wood or bamboo. The blinds will offer many options for how and when to enjoy your pergola. You could roll down sun-side blinds to keep it shaded. Or you could even roll them all down to create an outdoor “indoor” office, or a sanctuary during rainstorms. Drawn curtains can produce a similar effect for a lower cost.

2. Round Garden Arches

Pergolas are typically built with straight 90 degree angles, or high-vaulted arches. However, there is a growing trend in Montgomery County pergolas that use truly round structures. The round option can create a “hobbit hole” type effect, and works very well in an Asian-inspired space following Zen or Feng Shui principles.

pergola3. Flowing Organic Shapes

Using free-flowing organic shapes in your landscape can be immediately eye-catching, making your entire property look far more distinct. A customized pergola can feature slopes, curves, or even modernist wave-forms. Such a pergola begs to be explored!

4. Hammocks

Seats, tables, or even couches are common additions to a pergola… but have you considered hammocks? Your pergola could be an amazing spot for an outdoor siesta, and most hammocks are made of materials that easily fit in with a natural/organic theme. Be sure to take additional weight into consideration when planning the support structures.

5. A Spare Room

To take your pergola to the next level, consider installing full sliding doors and a solid roof. Doors can be thrown open for normal use, but easily be closed off to act as a spare room or detached guest room. One word of caution, however – technically the door and solid roof option may go beyond the definition of “pergola” in your local regulations, so check with your zoning and/or housing authority first.

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