Get Ready for Fall with These Tips on Landscape Maintenance in Newtown Square

Landscape Maintenance in Newtown SquareAs fall makes its debut with rich colors and cooler weather, homeowners should begin preparing their landscape for the coming winter months. Taking a few moments now can go a long way towards a beautiful spring garden. When it comes to landscape maintenance in Newtown Square, the following tips can protect your plants from the harsh winter to come.

Taking Care of Your Newtown Square Lawn

The lawn is one of the most noticeable aspects of a home’s landscaping. A healthy green yard can highlight decorative plants by providing a pleasing backdrop. An unhealthy browned yard, on the other hand, can bring down the whole picture. As the weather cools, these suggestions can help ensure a thriving lawn in the spring.

  • Rake or otherwise remove fallen leaves to prevent smothering of the grass.
  • Water the grass as needed, preferably early in the day.
  • Apply fertilizer and weed control to the lawn.
  • Mow the grass at a lower level than before, but not too low.

Fall Maintenance of Garden Beds

Fall is a busy time for landscape maintenance in Newtown Square, particularly when it comes to garden beds. When getting your garden ready for the coming winter, it is important to remember to:

  • Prune trees and shrubs to maintain natural size and growth habits.
  • Maintain the proper soil moisture levels for your plants.
  • Add mulch as needed around trees and shrubs to maintain moisture over the winter.
  • Remove broadleaf weeds such as dandelions or clover.

Plan Ahead

Preparing your landscaping for winter should also include looking ahead to the future. Fall is a great time to reconsider your layouts, plant choices, and other landscaping details. Spring bulbs should be planted in the fall to allow the necessary chilling for beautiful blooms, for example. 

Redesigning your landscaping can give your home an affordable facelift. With the help of expert landscape designers, such as those at Stenger Landscaping, your lawn and garden can smoothly transition from one season to the next. Stenger Landscaping has proudly worked within the Newtown Square community for the past 30 years, bringing beauty and style to outdoor living spaces for residents and businesses alike. To learn more about how their team of experts can get your landscape ready for winter and the coming spring, please contact Stenger Landscaping today!