Great Outdoor Living Starts with Great Landscape Design

Many homeowners would love to be able to enjoy the outdoors more often, but some may lack a proper outdoor living area outside their home. Having the ideal outdoor living area for your home can easily be achieved with Stenger Landscaping.

With the right outdoor landscape design, you can craft outdoor spaces that are just as inviting and comfortable as your living room. Beyond the health benefits of being outside, there are many reasons to look into improving your outdoor living space:

Benefits of Improving Your Landscape Design

  • You effectively make your home larger by adding more areas you can enjoy throughout the day.
  • Outdoor space can be enjoyed by your entire family, instead of everyone being indoors.
  • Exterior improvements can considerably improve your home’s value.
  • Outdoor living spaces are the perfect setting for social gatherings, with plenty of outdoor cooking and BBQ opportunities.
  • You get plenty of room for exercise, without worrying about damaging walls or getting overheated in stuffy rooms.
  • Who needs a vacation when you have your own backyard retreat?


As with most home renovation projects, the key is planning ahead of time!

Have a vision.

Examine your landscape, take measurements, and envision your dream outdoor living space. What do you see? A pool? A garden? A patio? The possibilities are endless.

Get estimates.

Contact landscaping specialists in your area, like Stenger Landscaping, and discuss your ideas with them. Oftentimes it will be less expensive to have a single contractor handle all of the work, than hiring several for various jobs.

Consider phased implementations.

You do not have to rework your yard all at once!  A phased implementation will let you put in improvements at a slower pace, over a period of months or even years. You can slowly work towards your dream yard.

Trust Stenger Landscaping

Stenger Landscaping works closely with each client, and provides expert landscaping options and services. Their services include landscape design and master planning, large tree installations, lawn renovation, night lighting, and much more. Stenger Landscaping has planned and implemented countless award-winning projects for both residential, and commercial clients. They can even provide section and perspective drawings to help you with the planning process; not matter how big or small your vision may be.

For more information regarding these services, please contact Stenger Landscaping today.