Key Considerations When Planning a Travertine Pool Deck

Stenger - EspL Swimming Pool Seating Area RC 2715 cPlanning a pool deck involves much more than just selecting a stone type. Travertine is the one of the best possible stonework options for nearly any pool deck, thanks to its low heat and high traction. However, that is only the start of the decision-making process for your deck.

A good travertine pool deck is thoroughly planned out ahead of time.  

Things to Consider Before Investing in A Travertine Pool Deck

What will your usage be?

Will your pool be strictly for swimming, or do you plan to spend a lot of time sunbathing or sitting by it as well?  Do you want a minimalistic deck that blends into the surroundings, or one that stands out and becomes spotlight on its own?  Either way, it should complement both the surrounding area as well as your home’s architecture.

Attached or detached?

A travertine pool deck that is directly attached to your house gives you easy access to the pool, but might take up large portions of your lawn.  In many cases, a detached deck might be preferable. A detached deck uses less material, and leaves more room for a variety of other landscaping or physical features.

On the other hand, if you choose to place the pool and deck near your home, that means you can utilize the walls of your house to help frame the installation.

How to utilize the location?

Take the physical properties of your land into consideration.  Loose sandy soil and steep slopes can create considerable engineering challenges.  While not impossible to overcome, it might be cheaper and easier to avoid building on them.  

Likewise, consider aspects of shade and wind.  Will the deck have proper protection from the elements? In the event that your deck won’t, you might want to plant some trees as well.

Make a sketch. 

Once you have a good idea of your usage, location, and physical features, try sketching out an idea of what you want.  Make sure to leave room for whatever activities you plan on doing on your new travertine pool deck.

Then, when you take that sketch to landscaping experts at Stenger Landscaping, they will know immediately what you are looking for, and will help and guide you through the entire process. Stenger Landscaping provides professional residential and commercial landscaping services and solutions.

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