Landscape Maintenance in Newtown Square – Three Ways to Critter Proof Your Garden

critter-proof your gardenCritters, from the cute little squirrel to the elegant deer, can wreak havoc on gardens and complicate landscape maintenance in Newtown Square. Homeowners can take steps to reduce the damage and preserve their landscaping. Here are three ways to dissuade pests from moving into your beloved garden.

Repel Pests

Ideally, homeowners can simply repel pests and critters away from their gardens, leaving them to live peacefully in the surrounding area without harming the animal populations. Doing so can be accomplished easily and with little extra expense. A few proven methods of repelling critters include:

  • Eliminating hiding areas by sealing crawl spaces, clearing brush piles, and taming tall grasses.
  • Installing fences around gardens, especially vegetable crops.
  • Minimizing food sources by covering compost piles, keeping bird feed cleaned up, and reducing grubs with Milky Spore or nematodes.
  • Using scent repellents, such as predator urine, garlic clips, and castor oil. All the mentioned repellents need to be reapplied often for best results.
  • Installing visual and sound devices to scare pests away such as fake predators or noise makers.
  • Adopting a pet, such as a cat or a dog to chase pests away.
  • Designing your landscape to either discourage pests or work with the local animal’s natural habits. 

Relocate Critters

In the event repelling pests is unsuccessful, or becomes ineffective after a time, relocation may be the next best option, depending on the laws in your area. Live traps baited with a particular favorite snacks work really well to relocate pests to another suitable area. Make sure the new location is away from other gardens, and has adequate shelter, food, and water. Some pest control companies can relocate problem animals safely and effectively. 


Unfortunately, sometimes it may become necessary to eradicate pests when other deterrents do not work and relocation is not an option. Poison baits, smoke bombs and scissor traps can reduce the population within the garden. Any form of eradication should be used with care to avoid harming children or family pets.

Stenger Landscaping Helps Maintain Your Beautiful Gardens

Stenger Landscaping has the tools, skills, and knowledge to design beautiful gardens that reduce pests and other problem critters. For more information on how landscape maintenance in Newtown Square can reduce pests and problem critters, or to request a consultation, please contact the experts at Stenger Landscaping today.