Live in Harmony with Nature with Sustainable Landscape Design in Montgomery County

is a major consideration here in Montgomery County. As we become more aware of the impact we are having on our planet’s environment, we should be doing everything possible to landscape in ways that work with the world around us.

Stenger Landscaping fully supports sustainable landscape design, and encourages our customers to consider eco-friendly solutions to their landscaping dreams. We proudly utilize many excellent sustainable techniques in our designs, and hope you will consider them for your own work.

Six Ways to Implement Sustainable Landscapes in Montgomery County

1. Xeriscaping

Water conservation is a major concern. Xeriscaping is one of the strategies for creating outdoor spaces that require little or no extra watering. Smart water reclamation solutions allow for gardens which are (nearly) self-watering! Other techniques include utilizing a home’s own wastewater as fertilizer for the garden.

2. Integrated Pest Management

We hear too many stories about the problems caused by chemical pesticides, especially now that bees are coming under threat. The pesticide problem can be mitigated in a variety of ways, such as utilizing plants in the landscape design, which naturally repel (or even kill) pests.

3. Recycled Materials

Nowadays, the need to use brand-new material for landscaping is minimal. With so much wasted wood, stone, glass, and other materials, landscapes can be created that are almost entirely recycled.  You can greatly reduce the carbon imprint of your landscaping in this way.

4. Permeable Paving

Runoff is one of the biggest issues with landscape designs. If your property experiences run-off, this can cause unnatural erosion patterns, and deny water to the ground that needs it most. Permeable paving solutions allow you to have the walkways you need, without preventing water from reaching the ground beneath your feet.

5. Green Energy Solutions

Thanks to advances in solar energy and other green power-generation techniques, it is possible to have a well-lit outdoor space without increasing fossil fuel use. A few small solar panels scattered around a lawn can easily power all the lights for a night. You would also save money directly, by reducing or eliminating any extra draw on your electric power.

squirrel6. Animal Sanctuaries

Landscape design can be animal-friendly, without interfering with your own enjoyment of the land. Animal-friendly options are a great way to live in balance with nature.

Sustainable Landscape Design from Stenger Landscaping

If you are looking for sustainable landscape design solutions in Montgomery County, please contact Stenger Landscaping today. We would love to talk to you about eco-friendly options for your landscape!