Oh Christmas Tree! Oh Christmas Tree! Where do I plant thee B&B?

spruce-196660_1920Why cut a tree when you can plant a tree for Christmas? Live Christmas trees are often sold B&B (ball and burlap) and are a great way to add more evergreen trees your landscape. Here are a few things to keep in mind when planting a B&B tree.

Research how big the tree species you are purchasing will ultimately get. The last thing you want to do is plant a tree where it constantly needs to be pruned. Such as under utility lines or too close to buildings or walkways. Save yourself the maintenance headache & help the tree thrive by providing ample space. If the tree gets 20’ wide at maturity, plant it 10’ away from where you want the edge of the tree to be. Evergreens are burned easily by solar heat radiating from nearby pavement such as walkways, driveways, homes or walls. They would prefer not to be planted near hard surfaces. Check to see what growing conditions are required for the species you are considering & site accordingly.

Consider planting your Christmas tree to block an unsightly view. Or better yet, start a windbreak that you can add to every year. Windbreaks are most efficient when  planted on the northwest side of your property. Landscape buffer windscreens cut down on home drafts by blocking winter winds & trap snow so you have less drifting on your walkways or driveways. They can act as a living fence to give your yard privacy and also serve as a backdrop for colorful deciduous plants. Just be sure they have ample width & height to expand over the years.

Or better yet, let Stenger Landscaping design a place for all your future B&B Christmas trees to be planted and we will do the heavy lifting for you. We offer design, installation, & maintenance. Let our professionals pick the species most appropriate for your property and incorporate it into your existing landscape. We deliver trees, prepare planting pits, and do pruning. We even hang outdoor Christmas lights as part of our maintenance contracts.