Pergolas in Newtown Square – Things to Consider Before Building

things to consider before building a pergolaPergolas are one of the most striking additions you could make to your Newtown Square yard or garden. Pergolas, a free-standing shaded feature, are both beautiful and functional, as well as offering a real “old world” charm that suggests times gone by.

Whether you are building a pergola in Newtown Square or anywhere else, this project should be taken seriously. A pergola will likely be one of the largest structures in your yard, and requires a lot of planning beforehand to ensure the structure can stand proudly for years to come.

Based on our extensive experience in hardscape design at Stenger Landscaping, we have a few suggestions for Newtown Square residents who are considering pergolas.

Major Considerations When Installing a Pergola

Building Material

Building a pergola typically involves three major options for building materials. Wood is the most popular option, being relatively lightweight and highly attractive. Stone is another alternative, but be aware that a stone pergola will be extremely heavy and will require significant work planting it properly. Composite or artificial materials, like fiberglass, can sometimes create a stone-like look.

Frost Depth

Generally, pergolas should be planted relatively deep into the ground to ensure stability. You will need to plant it well below your local frost depth, otherwise cold weather could cause the poles to heave out of the ground, ruining the pergola.

Shading Elements

A pergola can be open-top, or utilize a variety of elements to provide shade. Think about what sort of look you want beforehand, which can directly affect both the building material and the design of the pergola. Some pergolas even use natural vines to create a great canopy over time!

Utility Value

Do you want your pergola to be a free-standing structure, or will the pergola serve a more direct purpose? Pergolas can be a great option for creating a shaded walkway between buildings, or guiding people towards outdoor features, such as a swimming pool.

Local Permits

Before embarking on any major additions to your home or lawn, you should check with your township to find out what permits are required. A pergola is generally unregulated, as it tends to be classified as an unfinished structure, but local regulations can still vary significantly – especially if a homeowner’s association is involved. Do your legal research ahead of time to prevent costly mistakes.

In the event you are thinking about installing a pergola in Newtown Square, contact the experts at Stenger Landscaping for more advice or for a free cost estimate.