Stenger Landscaping Announces Tree Transplanting Service in Montgomery County

house2Stenger Landscaping has announced their tree transplanting service in Montgomery County as a way to protect a home’s natural assets.

Montgomery, PA – September, 2016 – Stenger Landscaping has announced that their tree transplanting service helps protect a homeowner’s investment, by saving the home’s most valuable natural assets: large established trees. Removing large trees may become necessary for a number of reasons, and homeowners often mourn the loss of large, well established trees. Transplanting them, however, provides the opportunity to save these trees.

Common Reasons for Transplanting Large Trees

While homeowners may require relocating established trees for any number of reasons, the three most common reasons include:

  • Home additions or hardscaping projects – Transplanting removes the need to plan around larger trees, freeing up more design options.
  • Insufficient space – Trees that have outgrown their current space, perhaps blocking drainage fields or overflowing their beds, may need to be transplanted.
  • New address – Homeowners may desire to keep trees that have been planted in memory of a loved one or important life event.

Regardless of the reason behind the need for a tree transplanting service in Montgomery County, the actual transplanting has to be done with great care and should be carried out by highly trained and experienced landscaping professionals, such as those at Stenger Landscaping. For the tree to re-establish itself in the new location, many things need to be considered, such as:

  • The overall size of the tree and estimated root system.
  • Size and condition of the root ball.
  • Soil environment.
  • Maintenance and care required after transplanting.

Stenger Landscaping is now offering tree transplanting service in Montgomery Country for trees of all sizes. Those interested in learning more about transplanting large trees are encouraged to contact Stenger Landscaping directly. 

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