Stenger Landscaping Provides Landscape Maintenance Tips for the Winter Months

December 19, 2016 – Newtown Square, PA. Stenger Landscaping, local experts on landscape maintenance in Newtown Square, are offering tips and suggestions for preparing and maintaining home’s landscape over the winter season.

Protecting a landscape can involve winterizing your sprinkler system, and utilizing alternative salts and/or de-icing products to protect plants when they are most vulnerable.

For over 30 years, the professionals at Stenger Landscaping have been working on landscapes, walkways, and backyard installations. With expert knowledge on protecting fragile trees and shrubs from weather, draining sprinkler systems to prevent cracking, and preventing damage to grasses and plants from various de-icing materials, Stenger Landscaping knows how to make a Newtown Square property look great in the snow, while maintaining its appearance after the melt.

Whenever temperatures are sub-freezing, grass is extremely brittle and easily damaged. In fact, walking on the grass could create visible damage that becomes impossible to fix until the spring. Excessive walking might wear paths into the grass and later require re-seeding.

In addition to issues affecting trees and lawns, landscape maintenance in winter weather might require wrapping or protecting dry stone walls from ice, and ensuring that yard installations such as pergolas and swimming pools are protected from freezing and cold damage. Water features should be turned off and drained, and outdoor lighting installations should be weatherproofed, while outdoor vegetable gardens should be protected from burrowing wildlife.

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