Style and Innovation: New Types of Pergolas for Your Newtown Square Home

wisteria-pergolaAt Stenger Landscaping, we get all sorts of design requests and questions about outdoor structures. Over the years, we have become experts in creating and customizing installations like pergolas for homes in Newtown Square and other areas. With pergolas, you can always try new ideas and combinations, and with so many options for pergolas today, we are excited to share how a pergola can be made to fit any outdoor space and lifestyle.

Whether you need a pergola to shelter you from the sun on a hot summer day, create an intimate environment for seating at your next dinner party, or even to enclose a hot tub, pergolas are a wonderful way to create an inviting outdoor space. Pergolas can be freestanding or attached to another structure, like your home or garage.

Pergola Types

Most traditional types of pergolas were made with stone or brick masonry columns and wooden cross beams. Today, the possibilities are endless, and pergolas can be made with stone, wood, aluminium, copper, vinyl, or even plastic. Access to these materials allow for new types of pergolas with curved or domed ceilings, rather than flat ones.

Customize Your Pergola Today

In addition to the ability to choose the size, shape, and structure materials of your pergola, consider the plethora of unique details and modifications that can make your pergola one-of-a-kind, including adding a canvas cover to the ceiling, roll-down bamboo blinds for privacy, or even a fireplace for cool fall evenings.

Pergolas also offer an excellent opportunity for gardeners. When the idea of the pergola as an outdoor retreat was becoming widespread in renaissance Italy, one of their uses was to accommodate plant life. If you are in the Newtown Square area and thinking about adding a lattice for tomatoes or a crawling rose bush, you’ll be amazed at how a pergola can help.

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