Summer Plant Care

June thru August

  • This is the best time for general pruning.
  • Early spring and summer blooming shrubs that flower on “old wood” shouldn’t be pruned until right after they are done blooming otherwise the flower buds for that year will be lost. Some of these plants are:
    • Corylus (filbert)
    • Deutzia
    • Erica (heath)
    • Forsythia
    • Hamamelis x intermedia, H. japonica, H. mollis (hybrid, Japanese, and Chinese witch hazels)
    • Lindera (spice bush)
    • Mahonia (grapeholly)
    • Pieris (Andromeda)
    • Rhododendron sp. (includes azaleas)
    • Sarcococca (sweetbox)
    • Skimmia
    • Berberis (barberry)
    • Fothergilla
    • Prunus (cherry and skip laurels)
    • Spirea thunbergii, S. x anhouttei
    • Salix (pussy willow)
    • Viburnum
  • It is highly recommended that most pruning and shaping of trees and shrubs be done by a professional to ensure proper horticultural practices are observed and the aesthetic quality and health of the plant is maintained.
  • Watering of plant material (especially if it is newly installed, or transplanted) during this time is critical. This is one of two natural dry seasons and can highly stress, or even be detrimental to plants, if not addressed. Generally, 2-3 days a week at 45 min of watering should take care of most plant requirements. There are situations where more frequent or deeper watering is needed, i.e.: large tree installations and lawn renovation.

For any additional questions or concerns, or to schedule work please contact us at 610-831-1900, or at [email protected].