Top Tips for Planning the Perfect Travertine Pool Deck

2 Stenger - AdaM Raised Beam Swimming Pool Gladwyne 5605Travertine is one of the best possible materials to work with when installing any sort of water feature in your yard. Travertine looks like marble or limestone, giving your pool deck a timeless appearance. Because it stays cool on the hottest days, and will not become slippery even when wet, a travertine pool deck is safer than many other alternative materials and perfect for day-to-day use. 

However, like most home renovation projects, installing a new travertine pool deck is a major undertaking! Proper planning will make everything go much more smoothly – and often saves money in the long run.

Things to Think About Before Investing in A Travertine Pool Deck:


Travertine comes in many colors, ranging from off-white to red to golden, and has many different texture options. Travertine is a remarkably versatile stone that can also work equally well in naturalistic or modern designs.


When you have a large enough yard, give some thought to where the pool and deck will go. Try to place the pool so that it is split between sunny and shady areas, such as having one side underneath the shade of a tree.


Travertine is actually one of the least expensive cut stone options. Budget still will play a role in determining how large or customized the deck will be. When you know your budget, it will be far easier for a landscaping expert to craft a design that meets your needs.

Building Codes

Does your town or city require any special permissions or paperwork to do major installations?  The answer varies for every town, but usually all it takes is a quick call to find out.


Don’t forget to leave room in your plans (and budget) for lighting options.  Lighting is especially critical if you plan on using your pool at night.  Good travertine pool deck design can leave niches for lights, which are unobtrusive by day, but essential at night.

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