Winter Landscape Design: Homegrown for the Holidays

Winter is generally thought of as a time when the landscape has no color, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Winter gardens are a great way to add color and interest to the landscape. Evergreen trees, shrubs and groundcovers come in so many different shades and textures. Plants that have colorful berries, interesting bark patterns, and sculptural form can really make winter landscapes pop.

Consider allowing interesting seed heads to remain on perennials and ornamental grasses through the winter for another layer of interest. The combination of these methods provide an eye pleasing view to get you through winter. They are also a great way to provide shelter and food for birds (especially when using native plants). As an added bonus, this type of landscape can provide great material for creating winter holiday decorations. Stenger Landscaping designs and installs winter landscapes. We can also do your pruning and use the cuttings to design & install outdoor holiday arrangements. Call us today for a consultation. We would love to spruce up your property for the holidays!stenger-winter

(Above): Winter landscape cuttings taken from Junipers, Holly, Boxwoods, Red Twig Dogwood, Magnolia, False Cypress, Crabapples, Arborvitaes and Pines on this property were used for holiday décor in planters.  The conical boxwoods have been strung with Christmas lights (yes, we do that too) and the evergreen groundcovers will flower in late winter to early spring.