Winter Maintenance Tips for Your Montgomery County Landscape

winterWinter is nearly upon us, and that means thinking about how to best maintain your property during the coldest months. Snow and ice are near-certainties, and while lawns are accustomed to going dormant over the winter, there are things you can do to minimize any damage done to them.

Landscape maintenance in Montgomery County can be difficult in the winter; here are a few tips that can help.

Protect Your Landscape From the Worst Montgomery County Winters

Winterize your sprinkler system.

An in-lawn sprinkler system must be drained before freezing temperatures arrive. Since the pipes used in such systems are so thin, even a small amount of water left in the system could crack or burst the pipes. At best, that small amount of water would only require a costly repair, and at worst it could cause ice to form underground, harming the grass above.

Avoid walking on the grass when possible.

Whenever temperatures are subfreezing, grass is extremely brittle and easily damaged. Walking on the grass could kill it, and can create visible damage that is impossible to fix until the spring. Excessive walking can even wear paths into the grass which would require re-seeding.

Use alternative de-icing solutions.

Salt is extremely bad for a lawn. It is highly corrosive and can easily damage plants, and ruin the soil. Look for alternative solutions for removing ice from your sidewalks. Potassium chloride and magnesium chloride are good alternatives, since both are based in chemicals that plants naturally need.

Should you be in a position where you must use salt, the best approach is to dissolve it in hot water and spray it onto your sidewalks before they ice over. Doing so minimizes the amount of salt which goes onto or into the lawn itself.

Protect your most vulnerable plants.

Many shrubs and early flowering plants such as rhododendrons and azaleas are susceptible to extreme cold and ice. These plants should be protected with a cover in the winter, particularly if a notably hard freeze or icing is predicted. A tied-down burlap sack, or similar covering, will keep the worst of the ice off, and encourage proper blooming in the spring.

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