landscape design service locationsStenger Landscaping provides landscape design and restoration, hardscape installation, custom container gardening, large tree installation, and many more services for both residents and businesses in the Montgomery, Chester, and Berks counties in Pennsylvania.

With two major climate zones within the state, the location of your landscape area can influence the services we provide. Greater Philadelphia lies at the southernmost tip of the humid continental climate zone, known for its large seasonal temperature contrasts with hot summers and cold winters. The southeastern corner of Pennsylvania has the warmest climate, as it enjoys some characteristics of the humid subtropical climate known for its relatively high temperatures and evenly distributed precipitation throughout the year.

We work closely with each of our clients to design a landscape that can adjust to each season and environment. Using native plants in your garden can work to your advantage as they are already well-adapted to our climate and easier to care for, but matching their needs to the growing site is still very important. We determine your soil type and evaluate your site to provide gardens that thrive. Come spring, summer, or fall, we can work with you to develop a landscape that adds value to your home. Our goal is to raise the green industry’s standard with our comprehensive landscaping services for all of our clients.

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