Our Horticultural Services

At Stenger Landscaping, we recognize the importance of maintaining the beauty of your garden. Our horticultural services will shape your garden into your own personal paradise, enriched with vibrant plants and flowers, carefully planted and placed where they will thrive on your property.

Horticultural ServicesAmong our horticultural practices is weeding, and the removal of harmful vines and weeds that can prevent the flowers and plants in your garden from flourishing. The common misconception is that simply cutting a weed down to soil-level is enough to kill it. However, that is not the case. Stenger Landscaping promises to kill your weeds by targeting them at the root and removing them. If weeds are left untreated for too long, they can begin to grow rapidly and even ensnare themselves around your more valuable plants and kill them.

Another important aspect is to focus on soil. Soil is the bed that your plants will live upon, and Stenger Landscaping has you covered. We can provide fertile soil that will allow your plants to grow and thrive. Soil eventually does need to be replaced several times throughout the year, as it can dry up, spill over to areas where it doesn’t belong, or take damage from the various elements. With our own reserves of soil, we will be able to replace the dead soil with ours and create safer beds for your plants. We can also create new beds, and we will be happy to fill that bed with as many plants as you wish.

And finally, we offer our planting services. There is more to planting than it seems, but fortunately, Stenger Landscaping specializes in that field. Not all plants need the same amount of sunlight. Some need it constantly, while others can be more inclined to shade. If plants aren’t planted with these in mind, they will die. Not only can we plant for you, but we can answer any of your questions you have regarding plant sunlight exposure, how much water they need daily, and more.