No matter the time of year, having a beautifully landscaped property is always a must-have for every homeowner. In Delaware County especially, our residencies are constantly faced with ample weather conditions during the year, putting wear and tear on our landscapes often. From falling leaves to heavy rain showers, without a proper landscaping company, it can be difficult to maintain a stunning home exterior. For many years, Stenger Landscaping has been offering superior landscaping services for homeowners located throughout Delaware County. Whenever you are on the search for “reputable landscaping services near me,” count on the Stenger team!

Top-notch Residential Landscaping Services Offered in Delaware County

At Stenger Landscaping, we only promise the most elite landscaping services that residential properties are in need of. Our team of dedicated professionals brings a wealth of experience in their line of work, providing top-tier service with utmost workmanship. Whether you are looking to boost your property’s curb appeal or have plans to completely redesign the layout of your landscape, count on Stenger Landscaping to go the extra mile. We are proud to offer customers located in Delaware County the following:

  • Landscaping Services – our team specializes in residential landscape design, which includes the incorporation and construction of garden structures, water features, swimming pools, walls and terraces, and more. From simple privacy buffers to detailed master plans, our team is able to develop designs for everything, resulting in luxurious outdoor settings for growing, playing, relaxing, and entertaining. The possibilities are endless with Stenger Landscaping! 
  • Hardscaping Services – We offer full-scale masonry services of every type and material. From simple walkways and resort-style pools to heated paver driveways, garden walls, and every structural or decorative element in between, your hardscape design choices will define your home’s character.
  • Landscape Maintenance & Renovation – Our team at Stenger Landscaping has decades of hands-on experience and expertise in proper landscaping care. We provide a number of landscape maintenance services, including tree and shrub pruning and revitalization, tree removal and stump grinding, and seasonal maintenance and cleanup.
  • Planters & Container Gardens –  Often the easiest and most cost-effective way to spruce up an entryway or add character to a garden room is a well-placed, carefully selected container and a small garden within it. These tiny landscapes can be designed to return year after year and to allow for “updates” through the seasons or to highlight favorite holidays.
  • Large Tree Installation – Whether your tree has outgrown its current space, or if it needs to be relocated due to a new home addition or hardscaping project, we make sure to take the proper precautions to prevent root damage and transplant shock. For successfully transplanted and healthy trees, Stenger Landscaping has you covered.
  • Water Features – Few things are more relaxing or alluring than the sound of water in the garden. This fluid element can be an inviting addition to any outdoor space and can be as subtle as a small pedestal fountain, a pondless waterfall, or larger naturalistic or formal ponds complete with koi.

Interested in Our Services Provided for Residents Located in Delaware County?

Whether you would like to inquire about our routine landscape maintenance services or wish to upgrade your property’s exterior with stellar water features, contact us today or call 610-831-1900 to speak with a member of the Stenger Landscaping team. We look forward to beautifying your property in Delaware County!


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