Our Fire Element Services

Have you been considering adding a fire element to your patio? We can install fire pits, grills, stone-based chimneys, and more. Stenger Landscaping, we understand that optimizing fire for a garden is not a careless endeavor. If misused or the structures designed to contain them are flawed in any way, it can spell disaster for not only your garden or plants, but to your home as well.

Fire ElementsFire pits are a fantastic addition to any yard or patio. They are excellent for sitting around on a chilly fall day, or for keeping your party going during the night. While fire pits are a great addition, it’s important to understand some of the dangers. Do not add any chemicals to your fire to get it to last longer, as the results can be harmful and dangerous, not to mention what the chemicals themselves can do to affect your property. The safest way to keep your fire burning is using dry wood, and to stack them around the fire as best as you can, preferably with the wood standing up, creating pockets of air for the fire to use and burn.

In addition to fire pits, we can also install custom grills. An advantage to having an installed grill is that you can create the fire naturally, without having to use propane. Also, we can build the grill as big, or as small, as you want. We realize that some people don’t grill all too often, and don’t want to pay for a separate grill, which can get very expensive. However, we can meet in the middle, and build you a custom grill, using brand grill parts, such as covers. This optimizes the grill to bolster its performance using the proper equipment, while also giving off that shining steel look that many people do like.