Stenger Landscaping offers pergola construction services for homes in the Greater Philadelphia Area, providing homeowners with custom-built architectural garden features that contribute to an inviting cozy outdoor space. Pergolas are the perfect solution for preserving a home’s open air experience to enjoy throughout the seasons. If you enjoy dining outdoors or relaxing in the shade, consider whether a pergola would be right for your family.

Finding the Right Pergola Type for Your Home

Pergola designs can vary highly depending on setup and materials. Designed to provide shade and privacy, pergolas are built mainly to support vines and incorporate inviting beautiful greenery tailored to each taste. Pergolas can be freestanding or attached to a home. Besides traditional open top pergolas, we are experienced in constructing quality sail pergolas,

Open Top Pergolas

These open-roof structures can lend a distinct Italian feel to the home, with added support for vines and trellises. True to its name, the open top pergola is still open to the elements but provides the frame of being an indoor room. Properly trained vines in time can serve as an attractive natural roof. However, it is important to keep in mind that with open top pergolas, protection from the elements is limited, and the area’s changing seasons may determine what sort of vines or creepers you choose.

Sail Pergolas

For shade from the sun’s heat and UV rays, shade sails can provide protection and serve as beautiful additions to your patio or backyard. Sail pergolas can make great additions to any property, enhancing the appeal of entertaining outdoors. Sails are part of the latest trend in sun protection, and have easily proven to withstand wind gusts of up to 85 mph. When properly tensioned and reinforced, shade sails are curved inwards to control fabric tension and also prevent flapping and fabric wrinkles.

Pitched Pergolas

A pitched pergola is often attached to the house, a nearby wall, or another standing structure. Since a pitched pergola is typically attached to the house, it can be transformed into an extended living or eating area, serving as an ideal place for entertaining. Because pitched pergolas can come very close to being patios or verandas, which may attract a higher property tax, they may fall under different regulations for construction or require different sorts of permits.

Gabled Pergolas

One of the most popular architectural styles in the world, the gabled roof can transform a pergola into a charming and functional outdoor structure. A gable is the triangular space at the end of a roof consisting of two sloping roof halves; latticework, trellises, and wooden designs are just some of the potential ways to adorn the gable.

Start Your Pergola Project

Whatever your pergola design choice, we will make sure that it complies with any applicable building regulations for your township and is built to last. Contact Stenger Landscaping today to start your new pergola project with a free consultation. Call 610-831-1900 to set up a site evaluation and discussion.