A poorly managed landscape with unpruned or diseased trees detract from a home’s appearance, while expert landscape maintenance and renovations can increase your home’s value, benefit the health of your plants, and provide an overall good impression. Weather conditions, general wear and tear, and other factors may necessitate landscape maintenance. Our team at Stenger Landscaping has decades of hands-on experience and expertise in proper landscaping care. We provide a number of landscape maintenance services, including tree and shrub pruning and revitalization, tree removal and stump grinding, and seasonal maintenance and cleanup.

Important Aspects of Landscape Maintenance

If your yard has trees and shrubs, good grooming is key. Pruning enhances the shape of your trees and shrubs, while also encouraging growth. Removing dead limbs helps make the tree less susceptible to insect infestation and disease, and also allows more sunlight and air to filter through. Additionally, dead branches should be removed before they cause damage, especially during severe storms. Branches located over the roof of your home or growing into electric lines present potential hazards to your home and family. Decay and poor root growth can also cause safety issues. Having a professional tree service to assess the situation and properly address any issues is ideal. Professionals who use the proper techniques in tree pruning can even strengthen tree roots, for a healthier and more stable tree.

In the event that you need to remove a tree, keep in mind that tree removal can be dangerous. Tree care professionals have an understanding of many different tree species in various situations, and have been trained in the safest and most efficient ways to remove them. Stump grinding is the preferred way to remove a stump, and a professional can be sure to do so efficiently and successfully.

Keep Your Landscape Healthy and Beautiful Through the Seasons

Preserving your landscape’s natural beauty year-round requires exceptional landscape maintenance that takes each season into account. We take the necessary steps to protect your plants, trees, and shrubs from winter weather and summer heat, ensure yard health during the fall and prepare your landscape for the spring. Contact Stenger Landscaping for stress-free landscape maintenance that keeps your outdoor space healthy. Book a free consultation today for a site evaluation and discussion and call 610-831-1900.