Pergolas Installation 

Are you looking to enhance the outdoor space of your Ardmore home? Do you want a cozy, inviting backyard? How can you achieve the yard of your dreams? Have you ever considered installing a pergola? 

This outdoor garden feature consists of a framework of vertical posts or pillars with an open, shaded walkway, pathway, or sitting area. With the different designs of a pergola, you can enjoy the fresh, open air throughout all seasons.

Whether you are looking to create a functional outdoor dining area, or just want a place where you can sit back and relax in the shade, the installation of a pergola could be the perfect addition to your home’s outdoor area. 

Types of Pergolas

How can you find the perfect pergola for your Ardmore home? Pergola designs vary depending on the size, setup, and materials used. Therefore, pergolas are unique and can be tailored to fit the needs of your outdoor area. Pergolas provide shade and privacy, as well as a beautiful feature to your home’s backyard. Explore the different types that Stenger Landscaping has to offer below. 

First, open-top pergolas provide an Italian feel as they are airy, breezy, and typically covered in vines. Next, sail pergolas provide the most protection from the sun. They enhance outdoor spaces and withstand high winds. A pitched pergola is typically attached to your home and serves as an additional living or dining space. Lastly, gabled pergolas are one of the most popular. The triangular-shaped cover makes these pergolas both charming and practical. 

Benefits of a Pergola

While pergolas are both beautiful and functional, it is important to acknowledge all the benefits of a pergola if you are considering adding one of these garden features to your home.  

Pergolas allow your garden to grow. They are designed to allow climbing flowers, ivy, and vines to grow upwards on the structural post or pillars. You can also add vibrant hanging plants from the beams, plus all climbing plants are easy to take care of! 

Additionally, a pergola will define your outdoor area while still providing shade. They will contribute to an intimate space with an open, fresh outdoor feel. They are both affordable and easy to build. With the different types and styles of a pergola, you are sure to find one you love without breaking the bank. Lastly, a pergola is durable and requires low maintenance. With all these benefits, what is stopping you from adding this beautiful attraction to your yard? 

Start Your Pergola Project

When searching the Ardmore area for local pergola installers, consider hiring the experts at Stenger Landscaping. For the last 30 years, Stenger Landscaping has been treating landscape as an extension of your home to ensure your outdoor space is a “room” you love and want to spend time in. We offer our clients custom-built pergola features that contribute to a welcoming, restful outdoor environment. Your dream pergola design can become a reality when you partner with Stenger Landscaping. Start your project today by contacting us