1 Stenger - Espl Front Entry Garden Newtown Square 6923Homeowners living in Willow Grove, PA can depend on Stenger Landscaping for exceptional landscape design, landscape maintenance, tree transplanting, garden installations, and more. Montgomery County is home to seven parks, five historic sites, and about sixty miles of county trails. Design your landscape according to your area’s natural surroundings. We work closely with each customer for a cohesive landscape that works best for the environment.

Landscaping Maintenance, Tree Installation, Water Features and Fire Elements for Montgomery County Residents

Stenger Landscaping understands what it takes to create a beautiful and welcoming outdoor living space. Your end result will reflect your unique style and provide a relaxing place for your enjoyment. We provide services for landscape design, large tree installation, pergolas, lighting features and much more for residential and commercial Willow Grove residents.

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We work closely with each customer in order to fully understand their vision. Montgomery County contains a variety of different home styles. No matter what you need for your landscape, Stenger Landscaping is ready to help. We are dedicated to creating unique outdoor living spaces perfect for your family. Contact us for your Willow Grove, PA landscape. Call (610) 831-1900 today!