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  • Transforming Landscapes

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  • Transforming Landscapes

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Celebrating Over 30 Years In Business

Stenger Landscaping has designed and implemented hundreds of residential and institutional projects in the Chester, Bucks, and Montgomery County areas, encompassing the Main Line neighborhoods as well as Newtown Square in Delaware County. We believe that the garden and the home should be seen as a whole. Our landscape design services take into account the outdoor space, climate, house type, existing features, and personal preferences. We treat the landscape as an extension of your home and the garden spaces as outdoor rooms. Our service goal is to raise the green industry’s standard by working closely with each client, making them a full part of the design process. From landscape design and installation to landscape maintenance for both young and maturing landscapes, our comprehensive services provide a complete turn-key experience for homeowners. Our tree transplanting service, for instance, involves a careful process to ensure the trees continue thriving for many years; our trained experts also make sure that the work site is well-maintained. In addition to landscape and hardscape features, we also specialize in garden adornments and decorative fixtures, like pergolas and travertine pool decks. Whether you are looking to transform your home’s landscape with a new garden, outdoor kitchen, walkway, pergola, pool, or patio, we can help each step of the way.
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    Before Stenger Landscaping

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    After Stenger Landscaping

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    Terrace and Fireplace

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    Swimming Pool and Seating Area

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Large Tree Installation

Stenger Landscaping has been a leading provider of large tree installation and tree transplanting services in the Montgomery, Bucks, Chester, and Berks counties for over 30 years. Whether your tree has outgrown its current space, or if it needs to be relocated due to a new home addition or hardscaping project, we make sure to take the proper precautions to prevent root damage and transplant shock. For successfully transplanted and healthy trees, Stenger Landscaping has you covered.

Tree Transplanting Tips

Ideal transplanting locations and conditions depend on a tree’s size and species; generally, however, the best times to transplant a tree are during the spring and fall seasons, before frost develops in the soil and when the tree is dormant. Each tree prefers different levels of shade and sun, as well as varying soil drainage conditions. Other factors that may affect transplanting location include the height and size of the tree, the location of home foundations, power lines, and even underground utilities. Although some tree species react better to transplanting than others, most trees will move well so long as the process is executed properly. However, we do not recommend transplanting older trees that are deteriorating or diseased. Additionally, if the new location is deemed unsuitable for the specified tree, it may be detrimental to transplant it. Because the tree will lose a significant amount of its root system during transplanting, it is important to make sure that it is well-hydrated before and after the transplanting process. Follow up with proper tree care and inspections for insect damage.

Schedule a Tree Transplanting Consultation Today

If you are thinking about transplanting one of your trees in the coming months, contact locally licensed Stenger Landscaping for a free consultation and read our blog for more tree service tips. Tree transplanting and large tree installation can be dangerous without the right tools and expertise. Save time and money by hiring the right tree transplanting experts near you! We will conduct a site evaluation to assess your tree transplantation project. Call 610-831-1900 to book a free consultation today!

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