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4 Property Advantages of Using a Tree Transplanting Service

Trees play a huge role in a home’s overall value, comfort, and appeal. In fact, mature trees are often major selling points for home buyers in the Main Line area. However, homeowners may remove these assets, unknowingly reducing the curb appeal and value of their home. Before chopping down a tree on your property, consult a tree transplanting service provider like Stenger Landscaping. … Continue reading

Great Landscape Design Ideas for Outdoor Living Spaces

Winter is a great time to start plotting out your spring time landscape design ideas. While you are picking out color schemes for annuals, consider the following ideas to breath fresh life into your outdoor living spaces: … Continue reading

Using Pergolas to Enhance Your Garden’s Focal Point

Your garden’s focal point is the main attraction, the part of your yard that draws the eye and invites you to enjoy the beauty of nature. Adding a pergola to your current landscape design can go a long way towards improving the look and feel of your garden, while improving curb appeal and home value. … Continue reading