Our landscape design services for Main Line homeowners can result in a transformation of a lackluster space into a beautiful garden, outdoor oasis, an impressive summer entertaining spot – whatever you need for your home. We can bring your ideas to life just as we have done for hundreds of homeowners across the Greater Philadelphia Area.

No matter if you have a large estate or a compact yard space, we create landscape design plans that fit every home and project, from simple black and white plans to more elaborate full-scale colored master plans. Having a master plan for your entire property will be especially useful if you are considering implementing parts of the landscape over time. In order to better envision the overall concept, we also provide perspective and section drawings upon request. Our customers are included in the design process of their landscape project.

Why Landscape Design Matters

Proper landscape design encourages better care for the area’s plants and trees, which in turn can help homeowners to conserve natural resources. Designing your landscape with Stenger Landscaping can help you to achieve an outdoor living space with great ambiance. Incorporating high quality materials and plants into a well-designed landscape will add significant value to your home and also improve your well-being.

Our landscape designer takes note of your home’s naturally existing elements and architecture in order to create a cohesive space. We also take great care in selecting the proper plants and placing them in the optimal growing locations for a functional and aesthetically pleasing outdoor living space. By tailoring various landscape features to suit your area, we will create an entirely new outdoor environment for you and your family to enjoy.

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