Landscape maintenance is a must-have for homes in the Main Line area, to ensure that your landscape will continue to flourish year after year. An ongoing, proper maintenance program can encourage and preserve the beauty of your gardens and lawns. From general lawn care, gardening, shrub pruning, tree transplanting, and other activities, we will ensure that you have a healthy and appealing outdoor space. In addition to the natural benefits, a well-maintained landscape will also help to provide a positive first impression and increase property value. In fact, estimates range from a 10%-15% increase in home value.

For those with less time and expertise to maintain your outdoor space, a professional landscaping company like Stenger Landscaping can assist you with making sure that your landscape looks its best. Landscape maintenance from Stenger Landscaping means that we will monitor potential issues with natural elements around the home, for instance, water run-off problems or erosion. We also ensure that landscaping continues to be well-implemented and energy-efficient for years to come.

Landscape Maintenance on the Main Line

An emphasis on landscape maintenance and beautiful landscapes has characterized the Main Line for over 100 years. In 1828, the authorization to construct a railroad between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh prompted the area’s development. The stipulations for what could be built on the land next to the station houses meant that there was an abundance of space for building new homes. Suburban comfort and elegance came to distinguish the Main Line, and it soon became the destination for many families to build splendid summer residences. Learn more about how Stenger Landscaping can provide landscaping services for your home in Main Line. Call us for an estimate today at (610) 831-1900.