Homeowners living in the Main Line area can enjoy the outdoors all year round from their expertly constructed pergola from Stenger Landscaping. We offer pergolas as an excellent landscaping addition for your home. This outdoor room provides a spacious and inviting space where you can relax or even dine with friends and family. Pergolas are generally larger than arbors and freestanding, with cross rafters and no walls. Pergolas can be attached to another building, or customized with lattice for more shade opportunities, like using climbing vines.

If your home’s outdoor area has space, consider this free-standing design element as an opportunity to create visual interest. Customize your pergola by adding flowering vines, hanging planters, all-weather fabrics, or other design elements. Do you have an open patio? The advantage of a pergola over a typical patio roof is its ability to control how much sunlight can come through. A pergola can also provide a romantic appeal to your landscape as well as protection from the elements.

Maximize Your Outdoor Space with Pergolas

Underneath the pergola is a great spot for outdoor furniture, where one might take shelter during a hot summer day or windy autumn night. Working with a professional landscaping company to construct a pergola is ideal for ensuring a well-designed structure. We can help to control how much sun and shade the pergola provides, by observing the area in question and taking into account the season and sun exposure throughout the day. Maximize your outdoor space with a pergola for your home today.

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