Proper landscaping maintenance can seriously transform any home and bring it new life. We can all think of the homes in our neighborhood that always have fresh mulch and gorgeous flowers blooming all around. Not only does regular landscaping maintenance look good, but it also reaps many other benefits for both your home and your wallet. Let’s take a closer look at why landscaping maintenance is so important for your home and some popular lawn maintenance tips too. 

1. Landscaping Maintenance Gives Your Home More Value

Whether you plan on selling your home in the coming years or not, it is always good to know that the work you are putting into your yard will benefit you later. A home with a well-maintained yard has a significant price advantage over a home with an unkempt lawn. Also, a home with healthy landscapes will be more attractive to prospective buyers and even decrease the amount of time your house sits on the market. So, it’s well worth it to put a little bit more time and effort into your home’s landscaping!

2. Landscaping Maintenance Can Decrease Your Heating and Cooling Bills

This next lawn maintenance tip is perfect for those who are tired of expensive heating and cooling bills. With some strategic placement and planning, landscaping maintenance can actually reduce the costs of your heating and cooling. Planting trees and shrubs near your windows can block the amount of sunlight that hits your home. In the winter, these trees and shrubs can keep your house cooler. In the winter, they can block cold winds from blowing onto your home, thus reducing the amount of heat that is needed. 

3. Landscaping Maintenance Brings You Clean Air

It’s no secret that plants help create cleaner air. Shrubs and trees convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, the air we breathe. When you fill your yard with health and well-maintained plants, they can produce healthier air around your home that filters pollutants and generating oxygen. 

4. Landscaping Maintenances Gives You Privacy

Although keeping up with your yard will leave your neighbors staring with envy, landscaping maintenance can actually increase your privacy at home. Planting trees and shrubs near windows, limiting the number of hiding spots in your yard, and keeping your trees free of easily accessible branches can all give you more privacy and peace of mind in your home. 

Stenger Landscaping

Putting some extra time and effort into your landscaping is well worth it. Choosing a team of experts to take care of your lawn maintenance throughout the years is even more worth it. However, before you click away to search ‘landscaping maintenance services near me,’ keep reading. If you live in Wynnewood or the surrounding area, then Stenger Landscaping is your go-to for unmatched landscaping maintenance services. For over 30 years, Stenger Landscaping has been providing the Greater Philadelphia area with superior landscaping services at a low cost. Contact us today to learn more about our landscaping maintenance services or to schedule your free consultation!