Landscape Maintenance Tips to Reduce Water Consumption Without Sacrificing Your Garden

The Main Line area began the year under a drought watch, and while we can hope for a wetter winter and spring to come, homeowners should take steps to reduce their garden’s water usage. Planning for a water-wise garden is the best way homeowners can reduce their water usage without foregoing a beautiful landscape. Here are a few landscape maintenance tips to get you started. … Continue reading

Bark Patterns for Winter Interest

We often think of winter landscapes as being evergreen or having berries, while we overlook the textural patterns of bark. Flowers and deciduous foliage are fleeting, but bark and structure remain a constant in the landscape. It’s easy to become fixated on the interesting bark patterns of trees as our eyes scan the winter landscape, looking for signs of life. Southeastern PA has grand old Sycamore trees and winter is the time of year they really show off against the stark landscape. They provide bold contrast in a landscape that’s largely devoid of color. … Continue reading

Ice Melters for Hardscape

While rock salt may be the go to for maintaining safe walkways in ice or snow, it’s not the best way to protect your landscape & hardscape investment. Snow should be removed from hardscape surfaces with a plastic snow shovel as metal can potentially cause damage. Melting snow and ice can permeate the cracks & porous surfaces of hardscape material and then re-freeze. … Continue reading