Landscape Maintenance Tips to Reduce Water Consumption Without Sacrificing Your Garden

The Main Line area began the year under a drought watch, and while we can hope for a wetter winter and spring to come, homeowners should take steps to reduce their garden’s water usage. Planning for a water-wise garden is the best way homeowners can reduce their water usage without foregoing a beautiful landscape. Here are a few landscape maintenance tips to get you started.

Start with the Soil

In drought conditions, you want the soil in your garden to retain as much moisture as possible without harming your plants. Adding mulch or compost to your flower beds can go a long way towards keeping your garden properly watered, while reducing how much you use.

Mindful Watering

Depending on your irrigation set-up, you could be wasting as much as 50% of the water each time you water your plants. To reduce the amount of water you waste, try these mindful watering tips:

  • Apply water directly to each plant’s base.
  • Avoid overwatering by paying attention to each plant’s water needs.
  • Switch to a drip or soaker hose irrigation system.
  • Plan your garden around plants that require less water.
  • Use nonorganic garden decorations to reduce the overall watering area.

Another great way to reduce your water consumption this year is by installing a storm water runoff feature. A water runoff feature has two major benefits:

  1. Diverts rain water or snow melt to garden beds.
  2. Can be used to create a beautiful focal point.

Landscape Maintenance for Water Features

Even through there is potential for a drought, homeowners can still install and enjoy water features, while minimizing how much water they actually use. Properly maintaining the fountain and water pump is one of the best ways to do so.

Always remember to make sure that the pump and bowl are properly cleaned regularly, for your water use, and also for the life of your water features. Dirty pumps, for example, can cause water to evaporate too quickly, forcing homeowners to either abandon their water features or use more water to refill the fountain.

For more ways to reduce your garden’s water use, or to request a free water-wise garden design consultation in the Main Line and surrounding areas, please contact the experts at Stenger Landscaping today.