How to Improve Your Home’s Value with Landscape Design in the Main Line Area

Stenger - Dec Block Retaining Walls 8222_n ccFirst impressions are always important. In fact, most home buyers form their first impression from the landscaping, not just the home itself. A well-maintained and locally appropriate landscape can add up to 10 percent to a home’s value. Here are a few simple things you can do to your landscape design in the Main Line area that will improve your home’s curb appeal. 

How Landscape Design Can Improve Your Curb Appeal


  • Liven Up Outdoor Containers – When placed in entry ways or on patios, colorful container gardens add another level of depth to landscape design for Main Line home buyers. 
  • Refresh Mulch – A simple and inexpensive way to add fresh color and create an inviting garden is to add fresh mulch to your garden beds. 
  • Plant Colorful Annuals – Annuals make a great addition to any garden and can help create unity between a home’s decor and the landscaping.
  • Spruce Up Perennial Beds – Replace damaged or scraggly plants with healthier ones or decorative pots. 
  • Prune Trees and Shrubs – Removing dead branches provides instant improvement to the overall feel of the garden.
  • Clean Water Features – Remove algae growth, replace filters, clean out fallen leaves, and make sure features are functioning properly. 
  • Fix Irrigation Issues and Faucet Leaks – Irrigation problems and leaky faucets are big turn offs for home buyers, so always remember to repair any problems before showing the home.
  • Power Wash Dirty Surfaces – Cleaning stained and dirty surfaces, such as walkways, fences, and siding can give your home an instant face lift.
  • Go the Extra Mile for Home Buyers – Labeling plants, outlining your current irrigation schedule, and putting together a landscape care scrapbook can have a big influence on home buyers, regardless of their current landscaping knowledge. 

Ideally, these tasks should happen about a month before showing your home to give the garden time to mature. With a little effort, homeowners can drastically improve their home’s curb appeal and increase the value. For even less effort on your part, the Stenger Landscaping team can spruce up your outdoor living area and seamlessly blend the home’s style into the landscaping. The experts at Stenger Landscaping have 30 years of experience creating and maintaining breathtaking gardens. 

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