4 Property Advantages of Using a Tree Transplanting Service

Trees play a huge role in a home’s overall value, comfort, and appeal. In fact, mature trees are often major selling points for home buyers in the Main Line area. However, homeowners may remove these assets, unknowingly reducing the curb appeal and value of their home. Before chopping down a tree on your property, consult a tree transplanting service provider like Stenger Landscaping.

Impact of Mature Trees on a Home’s Value

While many homeowners know that remodeling a kitchen or bath can boost the resale value of their home, they often overlook the value added by landscaping in general, and mature trees in particular. Depending on the type of tree, they can improve the value of your home by upwards to $10,000 per tree.

Transplant Trees to Reclaim Neglected Gardens

Often, homeowners decide to cut down large trees in the hopes of revitalizing overgrown or neglected gardens. A reputable tree transplanting service, however, can move these mature trees to a more suitable location, preserving the home’s value. Alternatively, transplanting trees to the overgrown area helps prevent the garden from becoming overgrown again and can greatly improve the curb appeal of your home.

Make Room for New Additions

Adding a room or expanding the home at all is a great way to add space and value to the property. Ideally, additions can be planned around existing trees. However, older trees can fall victim to the home addition, which can negate the addition’s added value to the property. Instead, transplanting the tree to another location in the yard retains the property’s value, and depending on the new location, can even improve the value of the home.

Use Mature Trees to Your Advantage

You can use your mature trees to your advantage by planning your home’s addition around your trees, such as a wrap-around deck. An experienced landscape design professional can evaluate the trees on your property and determine the best uses of each tree that will enhance the surrounding areas.

For more information about tree transplanting, or to request your free landscaping consultation in the Main Line and nearby towns, please contact the experts at Stenger Landscaping today. With more than 30 years of tree transplanting experience, they can help save your mature trees while beautifying your yard.