Using Pergolas to Enhance Your Garden’s Focal Point

Your garden’s focal point is the main attraction, the part of your yard that draws the eye and invites you to enjoy the beauty of nature. Adding a pergola to your current landscape design can go a long way towards improving the look and feel of your garden, while improving curb appeal and home value.

What Are Pergolas?

Arbors and trellises and pergolas – oh my! Each of these options ornamental appeal and functionality to your garden space. Arbors for example, provide support for several types of climbing plants while acting as a gateway to other parts of the garden, and trellises are used mainly to support climbing plants. Pergolas, on the other hand, are used to mainly to divide the space and provide shade.

Attached vs. Detached

When considering using a pergola as a focal point, you want to decide if it will be attached or detached from the main building. The biggest consideration is the size of the space you are working with. For the largest impact, a detached pergola acts as a beautiful and functioning focal point. Careful design and mindful placement can take your garden to a whole new level of comfort and beauty. When attached to the main building, however, pergolas can transform your outdoor living space from purely functional to exceptional.

A pergola can naturally divide the garden, sectioning off an area to create a welcoming shaded retreat. A wide range of materials and colors can be used to build your pergola, allowing you to create a beautiful focal point regardless of the season.

Common Uses of a Pergola

A pergola can be used in several ways, including:

  • Shading benches or swings
  • Covering outdoor kitchens
  • Sectioning off vegetable gardens
  • Protecting sun-sensitive plants
  • Highlighting water features or fish ponds
  • Serving as a backdrop for weddings and other special events

A well-designed pergola is a wonderful addition to any garden. For more information or to request your free consultation in the Main Line and surrounding areas, please contact the experts at Stenger Landscaping today.